The Best Places To Go To For Cheap StreetFood In London

The Best Places To Go To For Cheap StreetFood In London

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London is a great city when you enjoy good food. Aside from the famous Borough Market, you'll discover unique food stalls and restaurants in London. All world kitchens have been represented within this city, and each chef has his restaurant. I'd like to share my suggestions for cheap and delicious food in London alongside you! Eating in London does not need to be costly if you pay attention to where you are going to eat. London has many immigrants, and you may observe that in the many restaurants with a foreign kitchen. From the areas where many immigrants live, it is possible to eat cheap and tasty.

1. Wahaca London

Wahaca was set by Thomasina Miers, the winner of Masterchef UK 2005. When you listen to Masterchef, you may think of a costly restaurant, but nothing is not as real. Thomasina has just set up an extremely reasonably priced chain with tasty and distinctive Mexican food. Each of the location of wahaca is very cozy and colorfully dressed, and everything was just perfect. You may get various dishes in the guacamole, chipotle quesadilla and taquito with sweet potato and feta. Later, you can also immediately pay via a special app if you don't feel like waiting for your bill. Wahaca is one of the best locations to eat in London.

2. Borough Market London

This is the place for food lovers in my personal opinion. It reminded me a little la Boquería at Barcelona, but using more different and unique stalls. You can eat in and around the Borough Market. The private market is available on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. It is quite busy on these days beside the market in the backyard of the historic Southwark Cathedral with individuals eating the bought food here. You can even buy cheap snacks in the roads around the marketplace.

You will find delicious fresh juices of exotic fruit, the best burgers, fresh pasta, Turkish baklava, and cheesecakes. Even if you are not as hungry, then you can succeed here. Buy, by way of example, select teas, herbs or fights for the home. The cost depends, of course, on which you buy. If you would like to taste just as much as possible, it may not be incredibly cheap, but still affordable for this quality. Of course, the advantage is that you could make it as expensive as you desire. You may even eat a full meal for 5 to 10 pounds.

3. Wasabi London

Wasabi isn't a restaurant; you can just pick up food. This makes it rather cheap. Most sushi boxes cost around # 5, but you can also purchase the sushi every day. In addition to sushi, they also have yummy salads and hot Japanese dishes. We took the sushi to a park nearby and ate it in the sun. Wasabi is, in my opinion, a must if you fancy tasty, fresh and cheap sushi.

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